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Chiao Ren provides widebelt machines for our customer,always thinking to produce each part perfect.
Laser Marking Machine
Brand: TRUMPF VECTORMARK compact X 1 set

Laser marking range:

  1. Square part:320x120mm,height:200mm
  2. Tube:ø140mm

Our service:

  1. Mark your product with a unique and lasting identification or outlook
  2. Laser marking with rapid speed
Deburring machine
Brand: Timesaves Series 4100 Disc Series x 1set
  1. Working range: L: min. 80mm, W: max. 900mm, T: max.16mm

Our service:

  1. Surface treatment of the final product
  2. Accurate final processing
  3. Fast and effective finishing of products at two sides in one process.


we provide cost effective, efficient and productive solutions for you.
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